Closing gaps & build new bridges starts with being human

INTRO inspired by Brené Brown, professor @ Houston University

I feel like this is important to share with CEOs, managers, teachers, community leaders & entrepreneurs. Looking @ the culture we have created, a culture of 'never enough', we should take a break from the ratrace and ask ourselves if this is really what we want. There's a clear gap between the human values we would like to put into practice and how we really act on them today.

An example: we are curious and we want to connect to others… it's human nature. We also want to be valuable to our community. We are creative! But today, there's no room anymore for creativity as people have to 'achieve lots of expectations' limited to the needs of organisations to always get better, bigger, etc. This is installed already @ school.

My thoughts

As a mom, a wife, a daughter, a colleague, a coach, a consultant, an employee or an independent, since 10 years I'm experimenting with closing this gap in each & every context . A challenge, I can assure you. But I also felt a difference. A difference in the behavior or attitude of others when I'm willing to be more connected to my heart & soul. Being authentic is resetting habits that keep you small, taking time to reconnect to your talents & feelings and trust from within to start using them. 

Who am I? 

A generation X on a mission: moving other people to find their inner balance between mind-heart-guts & start to feel & believe in what they really are to achieve things in work-life from there!

How do we start, especially GEN X as we might have been conditioned to please, adapt, always be loyal and 'BE as we achieve,  according to the normal expectations'?

1. START TO ACCEPT that perfection is a bitch!

2. TRUST YOUR HEART and be more experimental! Your life is now, so start LIVING it!

3. UNLOCK YOUR INTUITION = your inner voice or 'the part of your brain that connects with ratio & purpose'


5. BE A GAME-CHANGER & connect to others to grow from mental pressure & drama to creation & flow

Are you ready to build 'A new way of working-living' together towards tomorrow based on TRUST in relationships?

If this is inspiring you and you would like to know more, please connect  through this link to get in contact.

Have a really nice & heartful day,


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